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Memorial RockN’4Ryan rockfish tournament reels in funds for traumatic brain injury

The first annual RockN’4Ryan Rockfish Tournament brought together employees from leading companies in Maryland’s technology industry this past spring to raise awareness for traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and veteran suicide.

The event was held May 5, 2022, in honor of Ryan Larkin, a decorated Navy SEAL who served four tours of duty during more than a decade of service. During his deployments, Larkin saw heavy combat that required breaching through walls and doors with powerful explosions.

His service also exposed him to improvised explosive devices, known as IEDs.

As a result, Larkin experienced headaches, insomnia, trouble concentrating and irritability. Friends noted a sharp change in behavior. Despite seeking help from the medical community for several years, his condition went without an accurate diagnosis. In 2017, Larkin ended his own life. Read More

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